Ray daSilva

Ray daSilva
Principal – Intelexe, LLC

According to the US Census Bureau statistics for 2015-2016, 11.2% of the US population of 314.9 million people moved. That is 35.1 million people. At an average of 2.34 people per household, this translates to about 15 million households.

While the industry does not have precise statistics, the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) reports:

  • Of all Americans (314,992,000)
    • 9.3% moved within the same state
    • 1.5% moved to a different state
    • 0.4 moved from the US to another country

    Of Americans who moved (35,138,000):

    • 82.7% moved within the same state
    • 13.4% moved to a different state
    •  0.36% moved from the US to another country

Professional movers may handle less than 30% of the US moving market but the industry consists of 7000 companies most of which employ less than 5 people. Only 8.5% of the companies hire more than 100 staff. This professional moving market is estimated to have revenues of some $12.6 billion.  Statistics are not readily available for the global relocation market but international mobility is a rapidly growing business fueled by commerce and increasingly open borders.

While a number of regional and global relocation companies have emerged, most of the business is still served by small to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies  that cooperate together in a non-contractual, ad-hoc manner to serve customers on a door-to-door basis.  This “agent-to-agent” system has served the industry well for hundreds of years and will continue to provide the framework for cooperation into the future.

Business today is defined by hyper competition and the relentless drive to improve efficiency and quality.  “Better, faster, newer, and at lower prices” is no longer a differentiation; it is a customer expectation.  The challenge for the small and medium sized businesses that make up the bulk of the mobility services industry is to keep up with the demands of these rapid and ever accelerating changes.  The fragmented nature of the industry makes it difficult for smaller businesses to invest in the R&D and technology required to reinvent their businesses.

Plotting a course and implementing a successful strategy while dealing with the pressures of today’s priorities can be a challenge.  Intelexe offers a helping hand and business solutions to the mobility services industry.  We specialize in leveraging technology and creating collaborative environments which foster the sharing of common resources for the benefit of the entire industry.


Ray daSilva
Principal – Intelexe, LLC


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  1. This industry has to realize that technology together with unified approach can do wonders. You have a wealth of knowledge, diverse experience across all aspects of global mobility and a champion in leveraging technology to build processes. This initiative will benefit people hugely I’m sure.

    All the very best Ray.

    PR Sinha,
    Country Head,
    Writer Relocasia Singapore.

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